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EXO Reception PC with Control Software

We are excited to announce the new EXO Reception PC with Control Software! Our new EXO Reception PC features a user-friendly touchscreen with innovative interface and a range of new features to enhance you and your customers’ experience.


EXO Reception PC with Control Software
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• Large 14 Inch Touchscreen Monitor (Shown in photo)
• Control PC Pre-Installed with NEW EXO Control Software
• USB Keyboard and Mouse
• Software Update for Existing Orbit and EXO pods

Easier to use
• New Large Touchscreen User Interface
• Current Mode and Door Open/Close Illustrated on the Display

Helpful for
• Filter Change Reminder
• UV Change Reminder
• Stop Mode Reminder and Warning

Increase Energy Saving and Customer Satisfaction
• Hibernate Mode
• Pre-Float Heating Option
• New Music Manager Page for Custom Music Tracks

Support and Reliability
• Error Code Integration for Easy Fault Detection
• Troubleshooting Area Integrated into the Software
• Ongoing Support for Software

Please note: Only Pods from Orbit or EXO are compatible, other manufacturers are NOT compatible with this system.

Weight20 kg
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