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Silver Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide in floatation tanks has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to maintain clean and sanitized water. However, not all hydrogen peroxide is created equal. We stock Silver Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, which has several benefits over the traditional hydrogen peroxide.
Float Tank
Next Day Delivery Avaliable
Even on bulk orders
Float Tank
Bulk Discounts On h2o2
up to 20%
Float Tank
high quality, Low prices
h2o2 & Salt prices
*any orders before 11am can be shipped next day. Bulk discounts start from 10 bottles. All items sold we personally recommend and use internally.

How to grow your Spa with float tanks

Floatation tanks have been gaining popularity in recent years as a way to improve overall wellness and relaxation. Incorporating a floatation tank into a spa setting can enhance the user experience and increase revenue for your spa.

Advanced Relaxation Technology

If you're looking to expand your Float Tank business, visit Exo-Float.com to see the amazing new features of the industries cleanest Float Tank.

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