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NEW! Float Supplies Subscription Packs available now

FLOAT 150 – Monthly Float Tank Consumable Subscription

Lower Prices, Less Stress, Use our Monthly Float Tank Subscription Package, this includes consumables for 1 float tank for 1 month.

Deliveries are made once every 3 Months.

Our Best Value Subscription

£180.00 / Month

Available on backorder

FLOAT 150 is for up to 150 floats per pod per month.

What’s Included in FLOAT 150 (every 3 Months):

  • 8x H2O2 System Sanitiser 5L
  • 8x 1µ Bag Filters
  • 4x Blue Pre-Filter Blocks
  • 4x Epsom Salt 25KG

Compatible Orbit or Exo Float tanks ONLY

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